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Which hobbies prompt you to popular with the exact opposite gender?

When considering getting the opposite sex call at a sweat, which passions could make you most attractive? eharmony investigates

Females desire a well-travelled physical fitness fanatic exactly who likes the theatre while guys desire a cosmopolitan photographer with a desire for exercise, according to our very own brand new study.

We have now analysed scores of communications[1] between eharmony people and found that men which list going, workout, theatre, moving and cooking enjoy the majority of relationships from ladies on the internet. Outdoor interests, politics, animals, photos and enjoying recreation create the remainder of this top ten a lot of attractive passions.

For women, exercising is the absolute most desirable activity, accompanied by photography, travel, art and party. Politics ranked at wide variety six, followed closely by out-of-doors interests at seven, preparing at eight and reading and songs at numbers nine and 10 respectively.

The 10 the majority of attractive interests for males and females

Position Many appealing passions for males to list to their profile Ranking Many appealing passions for women to list on the profile
1. Travelling 1. Workout
2. Exercise 2. Photos
3. Theatre 3. Traveling
4. Moving 4. Art
5. Cooking 5. Dancing
6. Outside passions 6. Politics
7. Politics 7. Outdoor Interests
8. Pets 8. Preparing
9. Picture Taking 9. Discovering
10. Watching recreation 10. Songs

Workout ratings in leading two most attractive interests for genders – with males finding women with a love of football the quintessential attractive. This is certainly followed closely by swimming and perspiring it out at ‘military design’ footwear camps. When considering males, women deemed rugby by far the most appealing exercise, followed closely by golf and baseball.

Rank A lot of appealing workout for men to list on the profile Ranking Most appealing exercise for females to record to their profile
1. Rugby 1. Football
2. Tennis 2. Cycling
3. Swimming 3. Armed forces bootcamp
4. Baseball 4. Rugby
5. Armed forces bootcamp 5. Operating

Travel also places extremely across the board. Living (10%) and dealing (11per cent) overseas happened to be both demonstrated to increase amounts of attractiveness and something in five Brits agree that the capacity to speak another language contributes attraction.

And the most attractive passions, the investigation discloses the pastimes deemed much less attractive. Though ladies like guys who like the theater, it generally does not support the exact same charm when it comes down to opposite gender, just who place this hobby among the list of base rated passions. Women who list ‘making a bi curious singlesg change’ had been also proven to get 15per cent less marketing and sales communications from men on the web.

From a lady viewpoint, men just who explain seeing pals as a popular strategy to invest their own free-time obtain a 14per cent reduction in marketing and sales communications from ladies. Interestingly, similar guideline doesn’t apply for women – with social activity appearing just like the 7th the majority of attractive desire for the vision of men.


The mention of pastimes more generally has also been proven to influence relationships between singles on line. The entire many interests detailed by men has a stronger impact on web page opinions and invites, showing it is beneficial for them to function six or even more pastimes. The converse is true for ladies, disclosing that more than four listed passions could make them much less attractive to males.’s lead data researcher Jonny Beber remarks:

‘While there are several similarities, we do in addition see some noticeable differences when considering the genders according to just what passions they discover “attractive”. One explanation for most of variations we see as to what both genders is actually drawn to tends to be linked back into evolutionary psychology.’

Just what males look for attractive

Men believe it is most appealing whenever a female describes herself as having a desire for health and workout, meals, family, and dance. But precisely why? In accordance with evolutionary therapy, men search for ladies who is an excellent and appealing companion to pass through along their genetics with to create the perfect offspring. This is why we’re attracted to apperance: we wish to make sure that the offspring should be healthy and appealing also. Whenever men notice that a woman is interested in workout, meals, dance, and family, it proposes that she will be actually able to hold their own offspring and offer excellent care on their behalf as well.’

Just what ladies come across attractive

‘For males, women can be a lot more keen on men who possess interests in politics, going, health and workout, meals, theater, and learning. The causes behind this can return to evolutionary therapy: ladies are wanting a prospective partner that’ll be an effective service provider and guard of this family. Showing a desire for politics, theatre, and reading may suggest a higher cleverness, which can indicate that the guys is better caregivers, spread the bigger intelligence family genes on their offspring, and also give the family with a more satisfactory job. An interest in travel can also be regarded as a marker of being in a position to financially allow for a family group, but inaddition it demonstrates a sense of adventurousness and attraction of the globe which are appealing in themselves.’

The similarities

‘But, in addition see some similarities between gents and ladies. Both genders price health insurance and exercise, indicating which they choose to resolve themselves.

No person desires be with someone who doesn’t have a lot drive in their life and is happy with mediocrity. Men and women both want someone to help them expand and to discuss their own life encounters with. Individuals are keen on new and fascinating areas of encounters which they would not encounter ordinarily.’

Jemima Wade, spokesperson for, mentioned: ‘As specialists in relationships, its fascinating observe exactly how members of the contrary gender view particular hobbies when communicating online. At, we match the users on 29 important individuality sizes that form the basis of a long-lasting union. For example actual fuel and artistic enthusiasm, alongside features instance provided prices, personality and social abilities – assisting all of us get a hold of you a really appropriate spouse.’

[1] Communications relate to any communication between eharmony members, including ‘Icebreakers’, ‘Guided Communication’, ‘Open telecommunications’ and ‘eharmony Mail’

[2] based on investigation performed by Atomik in March 2014, men rated baseball (12per cent) swimming (11percent) and military boot camps (10%) one particular appealing forms of feminine workout. Women voted rugby (13percent) playing tennis (11percent) and football (10per cent) the quintessential appealing forms of male exercise

[3] According to study conducted by Atomik in March 2014, 20percent of men and women asserted that talking another language makes someone for the opposite sex more desirable, followed by working abroad (11per cent) and living abroad (10percent)

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